Skip Hire Biz

A Guide to Skip Hiring



Construction sites normally use skips for their wastes but it can also be used for household and business waste. Skips are advantageous to have so you can eliminate more waste and it saves you the time of going back and forth to your local recycling and waste center.


The idea of a skip was introduced to the United Kingdom in the 1960's although the original idea came from the Germans. The first skips that were introduced had only one size and a color, a bright yellow.  Many skip prices changes have been made since it was first introduced and now you can have access to different sizes and companies. This ensures you that you can find something that matches your requirements and your budget.


Illegal and irresponsible fly tipping is one of the biggest problems in the United Kingdom.  It is said that more than sixty percent of fly tipping comes from household waste. That is why skip hire can help eliminate all wastes in a controlled, effective and responsible way. What is good with skip hire is that anything can be thrown into the skip.  Evenly placing the skip will help the lorry collect the waste with ease. Make sure that the skip is not overfilled or have items hanging on the sides because the driver will not be able to leave with it.


There are some things that are not good to put into a skip. The things that should not be thrown in the skip include asbestos, electronic equipment, batteries, biological waste and plasterboard. The skip company your hire will give you a list of what not to put in so that you are reminded of the rules and not break it.  Eliminating paint waste needs a specialized company that can throw away paint safely and effectively.


The best thing to do is research on how a bradford skip hire company will eliminate your waste. A good skip company would rummage through the skip to save items for recycling.  This will help reduce the amount of waste being delivered to the landfill and you can help the environment through your recycling efforts.


Driving back and forth to your local recycling center will be the ideal if there was no skip to throw your waste into. If there is construction going on in your home, you should know that construction waste is not acceptable in local recycling centers.  That is why bricks, concrete and rubble is impossible to throw away unless there is a skip around because skip hire companies have resources to eliminate construction waste in an effective and environmentally friendly manner. Visit for a proper garbage disposal technique.


A licensed skip hire company is what you should look for.